Harley Street, London.

Healing Plants Panels, Low Relief Carving

Harley Street, London

I was commissioned by Art Projects Ltd to produce a series of designs incorporating healing plants. These were to be carved in low relief and to be set into a historic façade of a Clinic development at No 120, Harley Street in London.

After months of research into various healing plants and frequent visits to the Chelsea ‘Physic Garden’, I composed a design which has an appropriate classical style for the age of the building. 

The doctors in the clinic chose 7 of the plant designs and I selected many more and rearranged the remaining array of healing plants around a series of strategically placed ‘volutes’ (a spiral scroll-like ornament which forms the basis of the capital of the Ionic column). 

I began with creating a clay model to actual size, a reference of depths and angles which I would use as a guide to create the final carving in stone. 

Once the clay work was completed and approved, I went about carving the piece in Portland Limestone.

The carving panels were installed by PAYE Stone on August 7th 2009, they were an excellent workforce. 

The finished panels in place.

Creating the clay models.

Fixing the finished panels into the building.


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